Years 1 & 2

Years 1 and 2


Here you should find tasks set for this week.

Please let us know if there is a problem at all, but most of all let us know how you got on!

Week beginning 1.3.21

Weekly Letter


Katie in London Story Powerpoint

Year 1 English Tuesday Katie in London Comprehension

Year 1 Wednesday English Worksheet      Year 1 Thursday English Worksheet

Year 1 Friday English Worksheet

Year 1 and 2 Friday SPAG Powerpoint

Year 1 and 2 Friday SPAG Y1 Party Fun      Year 1 and 2 Friday SPAG Party Time

World book day Scavenger Hunt      Thursday World Book Day review

Year 2 English Tuesday Katie in London Comprehension

Year 2 English Wednesday story map      Year 2 English Thursday new story plan

Mrs Hobson’s Wednesday phonics

60 second reads Monday From a Railway Carriage Activity Card

 60 second reads Tuesday How to Repair a Bicycle Puncture Activity Card

60 second reads Wednesday      60 second reads Thursday The Naughty Bus Activity Card


Year 1 Maths Monday Worksheet      Year 1 Maths Tuesday

Year 1 Maths Wednesday      Year 1 Maths Thursday

Year 1 Maths Friday

Year 2 Maths Monday      Year 2 Maths Tuesday

Year 2 Friday Maths Mix up



Week beginning 22.2.21

Weekly Letter


English Monday Years 1 and 2 vocab sheet      English Tuesday Year 1 and 2 Worksheet

   English Wednesday Year 1 and 2 Worksheet     English Wednesday Year 1 and 2 English Powerpoint

English Thursday Year 1 and 2 Worksheet      English Friday Year 1 and 2 Friday English if needed

Mrs Hobson’s phonics

Mrs Hobson’s phonics Tuesday -le worksheet      Mrs Hobson’s phonics Wednesday le 4 in a row game

Mrs Hobson’s phonics Thursday ‘le’triangle challenge

60 second reads

60 second reads Monday – A Helicopter Tour of London      60 second reads Tuesday – Africa

60 second reads Wednesday Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside      60 second reads Thursday The Isle of Coll


Year 1 Maths Monday and Tuesday Worksheet      Year 1 Maths Wednesday Worksheet

Year 1 Maths Thursday Worksheet       Year 1 Maths Friday Worksheet

Year 2 Maths Monday Worksheet      Year 2 Maths Tuesday Worksheet      Year 2 Maths Wednesday Worksheet

Year 2 Maths Thursday Worksheet      Year 2 Maths Friday Mental maths


Lion art


Monday RE -what-is-shrove-tuesday       Shrove Tuesday Graph

Tuesday RE Questions about Islam worksheet      Wednesday RE Muslim prayer preparation worksheet