Class 6P




Here you should find tasks set for this week.

The children will be asked to connect each day with their teacher via a Teams meeting.  To access those meetings, the children will need to log in to their RMUnify accounts and open outlook from there.  The children have been shown what to do, but if you do come across problems then please email us!

To access our RMUnify at home, you will need to access the following webpage:


This opens up our RM unify portal page, a page that the children are familiar with from working at school.

Typing in their user names and password provides access to the desktop area.

Outlook is a tab to be opened from here, giving access to email accounts.  Children are encouraged to accept Teams meeting invites here.  Clicking the ‘nine dots’ to the left of the word ‘Outlook’ on the top blue bar gives access to Teams on the web, or you can access Teams through a desktop app, entering the email address such as:


If you have difficulties getting to the RMUnify frontpage, check that the log in page has @churascendudley in the right hand box next to the username space.  You can save the passwords if you want, and stay logged in.