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Remote learning offer


School Closure Letter 2021


Should My Child Be In School     Coronavirus Visitor Protocol    Covid-19 pupil absence guide v1

Distance Learning Policy

+++Our shoeboxes have arrived in Gambia+++

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Snowdrops at school…the first sign of Spring?




Accelerated Reader Home Page

Use this website to check if your book is in the Accelerated Reader database:

Accelerated Reader book finder

Phonics Play

Active Learn Reading

The Oak National Academy

BBC Bitesize homepage

BBC schedule 8.2.21


This is the link you need to access Readiwriter:


Pupils should find spelling games and activities to complete in a similar way that Mathletics covers mathematics.  Pupils should be able to gain access using their usual Mathletics log in details.  Alternatively, once pupils have logged onto Mathletics, a button in the top left corner of the screen allows you to toggle between the ‘M’ of Mathletics and the ‘R’ of Readiwriter.

Let us know what you think!

***Oxford Owl***

The Oxford Owl reading platform is free for parents to register with and then offers plenty of free ebooks for children.

Oxford Owl parents sign up page

We have tried to link some of the ebooks to our Accelerated Reader Programme so that children can still complete quizzes about the books they are reading.

Oxford Owl ebooks and Accelerated Reader

RM Unify

RM Unify is our learning platform.  We are beginning to offer some tasks to some students as part of our provision.  Clicking the link takes you to a log in page.  We have used a generic log in recently, which still works, but children should be able to log in to their own space.  Teachers will email out separately to explain this process, once there are tasks to complete.

RM Unify

Any problems, please email us:




We realise that reading the same book over and over again is not the most interesting!  We are offering book swap sessions each week to give children the chance to swap their books a little more regularly.  Simply come to school on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, between 1:30pm and 2:00pm.

Come through the main entrance in New Street, and walk to the back of the hall.  Mr Bradley will be there to point you in the right direction.

+++Please remember social distancing rules, hand sanitiser and especially face coverings!+++


Here are the housepoint totals:

crystal background      lion background       sunbeam background       titanic background

This Week

134                                     144                                        223                                        182

Termly Totals

1048                                    1113                                        1214                                       1200


So SUNBEAM have taken the half term glory after a keenly contested competition.

Well done to everyone who has earned housepoints this half term…who will be top of the heap this half term?

Every point counts!


Weekly challenges will appear here – a chance to gain even more housepoints!

Please complete each challenge and then email Mr Bradley to earn your points!

What are you waiting for???

Closing date 26.2.21

Spelling & Grammar

Y1 week task 5    Y2 week task 5    Y3 week task 5    Y4 week task 5    Y5 week task 5    Y6 week task 5


Y1 week task 5    Y2 week task 5    Y3 week task 5   Y4 week task 5   Y5 week task 5   Y6 week task 5



Here you should find the email addresses of our teaching staff.  Teachers are always happy to respond to your emails, but obviously not when they are teaching!


RB   dbaker@chur-ascen.dudley.sch.uk

RY   jyork@chur-ascen.dudley.sch.uk

1MS   asteele@chur-ascen.dudley.sch.uk

1MS   cmarsh@chur-ascen.dudley.sch.uk

1/2B   rbarrows1@chur-ascen.dudley.sch.uk

2H   ehobson@chur-ascen.dudley.sch.uk

3J   ajones@chur-ascen.dudley.sch.uk

4C   lspittle@chur-ascen.dudley.sch.uk

4B   thodgkins@chur-ascen.dudley.sch.uk

4B  eleddington2@chur-ascen.dudley.sch.uk

5M   hmoore@chur-ascen.dudley.sch.uk

6W   jtallett@chur-ascen.dudley.sch.uk

6P   speters@chur-ascen.dudley.sch.uk




Mathletics Gold Winners, 8/2/21

Luke Boys, Morgan Lapper, Sophie Rolinson, Liam Winning

A fabulous job – well done!


Accelerated Reader Certificate Winners. Spring  2021

Spring targets

Yavanna Touw, Sophia Allen, Evan Edwards, Sadia Sheikh, Holly Hutchings, Jessica Brown, Martha Craggs, Oliver Harbach, Tilly Haycock, Noah Kelso, Emily Stonall, Jacob Edwards (4C), Ellie Wood, Lily Grace-Smith, Noah Grealey, Lucas Field,     Ellis Gronland, Blake Carter, Hannah Thomas, Ava Portch, Alexander Whitworth, Jake Smith, Lana Whitworth, Vihaan Jillela, Olivia Wakelam, Edith Stewart, Rachael Coles, Matthew Green

100,000 words

David Willis, Annaliese Jewkes, Flynn Bowen, Noah Grealey, Jessica Brown, Georgia Lapper, Alex Whitworth, Ellie Wood, Holly Hutchings, Arjan Dhami, Ellis Gronland

500,000 words

Lucas Field, Blake Carter, Noah Kelso, Lana Whitworth

1 Million words

Evan Edwards, Ava Portch, Matthew Green, Emily Stonall

That’s brilliant reading – keep it up!