Class 6P



Here you should find tasks set for this week.

Please let us know if there is a problem at all, but most of all let us know how you got on!

Week beginning 1.3.21

Letter to 6P Week 8


Monday CHAPTER 5 Extension      Monday Chapter 5 Comprehension questions

Tuesday Survival Guide Planning sheet      Tuesday Desert Island Survival Guide

Wednesday Kensuke Mindmap Worksheet      Wednesday Dangerous Encounters Poster

Thursday Kensuke’s Cave

Friday Kensukes-Kingdom-Kensuke-Biography-Writing-Frame        Friday Kensuke Timeline Worksheet

Friday Kensukes-Kingdom-Differentiated-Wordsearch


Warm up week 8       Warm up week 8 answers

Monday worksheet      Monday answers

Monday True or False

Tuesday worksheet      Tuesday answers

Tuesday True or False

Wednesday worksheet      Wednesday answers

Wednesday True or False

Thursday worksheet      Thursday asnwers

Thursday True or False

Friday worksheet      Friday answers

Friday worksheet 2      Friday answers 2

Friday True or False      Friday True or false 2

Afternoon activities

Years 5 and 6 Home Learning Week Eight

Monday Meeting the Maya      Monday maya-civilisation-grid-reference

Monday Maya Map

Tuesday Science Linnaean System      Tuesday Science Classifying Species

Wednesday RE What do Christians believe about Jesus      Wednesday RE Easter-comic-strip

Easter Story part 1      Easter Story part 2      Easter Story part 3      Easter Story part 4

Thursday Tu as un animal – presentation      Thursday French Pets

Thursday Les Animaux

Friday Food Technology presentation      Friday food Labels      Friday Food labels A3 Map




Week beginning 22.2.21

Letter to 6P Week 7


Kensukes_Kingdom Presentation

Kensuke’s Kingdom

Chapter 1      Chapter 2      Chapter 3     Chapter 4 part 1      Chapter 4 part 2      Chapter 5

Chapter 6      Chapter 7       Chapter 8       Chapter 9        Chapter 10      Postscript

Monday Kensuke’s Kingdom Comprehension

Tuesday Should Homework be Banned Activity Sheet      Tuesday For and Against Planning Sheet      Tuesday Weighing up the Evidence

Tuesday Useful Words and Phrases     Tuesday Balanced Argument Writing Sheet     Tuesday Balanced Argument Checklist

Thursday chapter 3 SHIP’S LOG      Thursday Chapter 3 Comprenehsion Questions      Thursday Chapter 3 Plotting The Journey

Daily Extension Tasks -Kensukes-Kingdom-Challenge-Posters


Maths warm up week 6       Maths warm up week 6 answers

Monday worksheet      Monday answers      Monday True or false question

Monday Converting Measures Information Poster      Monday Additional Support mm-cm-m-km-equivalents-matching-cards

Tuesday worksheet      Tuesday worksheet answers      Tuesday True or false question

Tuesday Extension Convert Metric Measures      Tuesday Extension Answers – Convert Metric Measures

Tuesday Additional Support converting-measurements

Wednesday worksheet       Wednesday worksheet answers       Wednesday True or false question

Wednesday Extension Solve Problems Units of Measure Challenge Cards      Wednesday Extension Solve Problems answers

Wednesday Additional Suppport converting-measurements      Wednesday Additional Support Converting-Between-Centimetres-and-Metres-and-Millimetres

Thursday worksheet      Thursday worksheet answers      Thursday True or false question

Thursday Extension Miles and Kilometres      Thursday Extension Answers – Miles and Kilometres

Thursday Additional Support comparing-lengths

Friday worksheet     Friday worksheet answers     Friday True or false question

Friday Extension Imperial Measures      Friday Extension Answers – Imperial Measures

Friday Poster converting-units-maths-knowledge

Friday Additional Support convert-metric-and-imperial-measures

Afternoon activities

Years 5 and 6 Afternoon learning

Monday Introduction to the Mayan Civilisation text

Monday Ascension World History Museum Presentation

Monday Investigating-Mayan-Civilisation-Presentation      Monday Task 1 The Maya identifying artefacts

Monday Task 2 Mayan-Timeline      Monday Task 2 Mayan-Civilization-Timeline idea 1      Monday Task 2 Mayan Timeline idea 2

Monday Task 3 Maya KWL Grid

Monday Extension Task Maya Number System Worksheets      Monday Extension Task Maya-Hot-Chocolate-Recipe

Tuesday Instructions and Cards      Tuesday Boards

Tuesday Task 2 QR codes animal-groups-research

Tuesday Task 3 Worksheet 1 animal-groups-activity      Tuesday Task 3 Worksheet 2 Animal-Characteristics

Wednesday RE Presentation – What Is Forgiveness      Wednesday RE My Symbol Activity Sheet

Thursday French-pets-word-search      Thursday Game French-As-Tu-Un-Animal-Lotto

Thursday Worksheet French-As-Tu-Un-Animal      Thursday Game french-four-in-a-row-animals

Thursday Task 1 Computing lesson worksheet      Thursday Task 2 Computing lesson worksheet

Friday Healthy substitutes – diet sheet