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alphabet kinetic letters

Here you should find tasks set for this week.

Please let us know if there is a problem at all, but most of all let us know how you got on!

Week beginning 1.3.21

Reception weekly tasks 1.3.21

The Slider family x and z      th roll and read worksheet      th phoneme spotter story

sh phoneme spotter story

writing paper

phase-2-rhyming-words      rhyming words home learning activity

Peace at Last writing sheet

World Book Day share a story sheet      World Book Day costume sheet

superhero words – dictation      Super Superheroes Song

superhero stick puppet craft instructions      superhero city picture craft instructions

5 Superheroes Song

maths mastery home learning challenge

number shapes doubles within ten      My symmetrical design

ten frame doubles

Intro Doubles 4-10        doubling machine

Daffodil Template      cats and clowns cut and stick

*Egg Box Daffodil Craft Instructions

all-about-lent      all-about-st-davids-day


Week beginning 22.2.21

Reception weekly tasks

slider family letter v w      qu-Phoneme-Roll-and-Read      ch-read-and-write-activity-sheet

writing-paper      Superhero Dictation      My superhero writing frame

how-many-bears-subtraction pdf     how-many-bears-subtraction ppt

Do you know who these superheroes are ppt      Design-a-Superhero-Mask      Find the Answer

Label the Superhero      Superhero Biscuits

If You’re Super and You Know It Song      Minibeast_symmetry__ppt