RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch House Challenge

This week’s challenge is a little different.  To earn massive amounts of housepoints, we would like you to get involved with the annual RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, which is scheduled for the 29th to the 31st of January.


+++What a wonderful week of birding exploits+++

Thank you to everyone who took part and earned loads of housepoints!

Congratulations to Ellie123 and Rachael C for being the only 100% Kahooters!

Please enjoy the photos below!

thumbnail_Image thumbnail_Image (1) thumbnail_DSC_0718 thumbnail_DSC_0716 thumbnail_Birdwatch Challenge thumbnail_20210128_074248 thumbnail_20210128_110306 thumbnail_20210128_121739 thumbnail_20210129_115330 thumbnail_20210129_115352 thumbnail_20210127_173430 thumbnail_1971F917-9C9A-47EF-A448-A66C3CFCB921-COLLAGE Oliver bird challenge1 Oliver bird challenge thumbnail_IMG_2102 thumbnail_image0 thumbnail_image1 thumbnail_IMG_0540 thumbnail_IMG_2101

I’ve left these here as there is some fabulous activities to enjoy any time!

Games and activities

speedy-birdcake      parts-of-a-bird-activity      paper-plate-birds

Bouncy-Blackbird-(EYFY-what-birds-eat-story)     bird-recipe-suet-and-nut-log

bird-recipe–pine-cone-lardy-seed-feeders      bird-recipe–edible-pictures

big-schools-birdwatch-matching-pairs      big-card-birdwatch

starling-snapper    song-thrush-snapper    robin-snapper    redwing-snapper     pied-wagtail snapper   collared-dove-snapper    goldfinch-snapper    greenfinch-snapper    house-sparrow-snapper    blue-tit-snapper     black-headed-gull-snapper


Good luck!  You are in for a ‘tweet’!