Easter Reading Challenge

We would love you to have a wonderful Easter break involving Easter eggs…Easter egg eating, Easter egg hunting, Easter egg giving and Easter egg rolling (a tradition, apparently!?!), but we would also love you to have an Easter of reading!

A letter has hopefully come home explaining the Easter Reading Challenge – but this webpage will have all the details too!

We would like you to work to collect as many ‘reading stars’ as you can, ticking them off on your record sheet as you go along. You will be needing to think how you can show evidence of completing each star, with that evidence bank coming into school after Easter. For every completed star, you will be awarded 10 housepoints…so what are you waiting for?

Additional house points will be awarded by Mr Bradley if you send him photos of reading in action that he can use on this webpage!


You can get another copy of the recording sheet here: