Years 3 & 4

Years 3 and 4


Here you should find tasks set for this week.

Please let us know if there is a problem at all, but most of all let us know how you got on!

Week beginning 1.3.21

01.03.21 – Year 3 Weekly Timetable and Daily Activity Outlines

01.03.21 – Year 4 Weekly Timetable and Daily Activity Outlines


Y3 Monday Compare-lengths      Y3 Monday answers Compare-lengths

Y3 Tuesday Add-lengths      Y3 Tuesday answers Add-lengths

Y3 Wednesday Subtract-lengths        Y3 Wednesday answers Subtract-lengths

Y3 Thursday screenshots

Y3 Thursday squared paper for your investigation

Y3 Friday Measure-perimeter      Y3 Friday answers Measure-perimeter

Y4 Monday Subtract-from-whole-amounts      Y4 Monday answers Subtract-from-whole-amounts

Y4 Tuesday Fractions-of-a-set-of-objects      Y4 Tuesday answers Fractions-of-a-set-of-object

Y4 Wednesday Fractions-of-a-set-of-objects-2      Y4 Wednesday answers Fractions-of-a-set-of-objects-2

Y4 Thursday Fractions-of-a-quantity      Y4 Thursday answers Fractions-of-a-quantity

Y4 Friday Problem solving – Calculate-quantities      Y4 Friday answers – Problem solving – Calculate-quantities


English Week beginning 01.03.21


Jesus and the leper      Jesus heals the leper wall hanging template


Hair and eye colour


Computing Create a story

Keeping Busy & Mindfulness

Keeping Busy 01.03.21      Mindfulness Colouring 01.03.21




Week beginning 22.2.21

22.02.21 – Year 3 Weekly Timetable and Daily Activity Outlines

22.02.21 – Year 4 Weekly Timetable and Daily Activity Outlines


Y3 Monday – Measuring Length      Y3 Monday – Answers

Y3 Tuesday – Measuring Length (m)      Y3 Tuesday – Answers

Y3 Wednesday – Equivalent Lengths (m and cm)     Y3 Wednesday – Answers

Y3 Thursday – Equivalent Lengths (mm and cm)      Y3 Thursday – Answers

Y3 Friday – Comparing Lengths      Y3 Friday – Answers

Y3 Friday – Column Addition and Subtraction Practise

Y4 Monday Count-in-fractions      Y4 Monday answers Count-in-fractions

Y4 Tuesday Add-fractions      Y4 Tuesday answers Add-fractions

Y4 Wednesday Add-2-or-more-fractions     Y4 Wednesday answers Add-2-or-more-fractions

Y4 Thursday Subtract-fractions      Y4 Thursday answers Subtract-fractions

Y4 Friday Subtract-2-fractions      Y4 Friday answers Subtract-2-fractions

Y4 Friday written methods practise


Eng Creatures of the Deep Fact File Template

Eng Monday Comprehension Questions      Eng Tuesday Comprehension Questions

Year 3 Readiwriter Spellings – to be tested 5.3.21

Year 4 spellings wb 22.2.21 prefix -mis


Topic – Henry VIII       Topic – Hans Holbein Portraits      Topic – Henry VIII Wife Advert


RE – Role of the Disciples


Music – Fanfares Lesson 3


French – Locating French Speaking Countries

Keeping Busy Activities

Tudor Wordsearch        Mindfulness Colouring        I’m Bored Activity Suggestions       Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Henry VIII Colouring


Computing wb 22.2.21

Warm up activities

Morning Warm-Up Activities