Stunning Structures House Challenge

Stunning Structures completed!

What a wonderful selection of ideas…lots if inspiring designs and structures with a purpose – you are a talented lot!

Results:  LION…395 points…TITANIC…320 points…SUNBEAM…250 points…CRYSTAL…240 points

Well done LION!!!

Can you see yours?

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Your task is to create a structure such as a tower for a toy, a bridge across the living room,  a guard house for your bedroom or whatever takes your fancy!  You can use whatever building materials will work…with permission, of course…but you must take a photo of the finished structure and email it to Mr Bradley.  Obviously lego works, but what about recycled materials?  Or maybe sticks in the garden, shortbread biscuits in the kitchen or even bubbles in the bath…as long as the photo is decent!  We are looking for impressive constructions.

Try to be as creative and original as you can be…we want to be impressed with your engineering ability!

10 housepoints will be awarded for each structure passing our stringent checks!

Remember to add your House name to your email.

Email your photos by 3;20pm on Friday, 1st of May.

Good luck!