Essentially Ascension

Essentially Ascension House Challenge

Week Beginning 18.05.20

What a wonderful selection of ideas everyone had to celebrate Ascension Day.  From talents to comic strips, posters to trampolining, poems to zoom meetings, it was great to see everyone had so much fun!  Please have a look at the photos here…unfortunately, videos seem problematic in terms of posting to this page!

Results…it was a really close one!


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It’s Ascension Day on Thursday, 21st May…and we need to celebrate it!

Your task is simple…think Ascension, think how you can show us what Ascension means to you.  You could concentrate on our school itself, or the religious celebration, the choice is yours!  At school, we often think about our talents and get a chance to show each other what we can do…maybe that is a direction you want to take?

Be creative…artwork, poems, stories, indeed anything that can be displayed here would be good!

10 housepoints for every completed challenge.

Closing date Friday, 22nd May, 3:20pm.

It’s lift-off on Ascension Day!