Bio Blitz

Well this turned out to be one of my favourite challenges!  I really enjoyed looking at the creatures you found…that heron seemed to get around a lot!  Hope you enjoy our selection of mosaics!

Challenge result:

TITANIC 1080…Sunbeam 980…Lion 840…Crystal 790…so another win for Titanic!

Well done to everyone who took part!

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Our House Challenge for the week beginning 13th April is to go on a Bio Blitz!

Your task is to get outside and see what you can find.

For every type of creature you find and photograph, you will earn housepoints.

Put your photos together using an app that allows you to create a photo mosaic and then email it to me to cash in your points!

I’ll then work out your points score and get back to you!

Alternatively, tell me what you have found without the photographs and I’ll still award points, but just not so many!

Only claim points for one member of the species, eg one sparrow photo = 5 points , not a whole flock,

one woodlouse photo = 5 points, not the whole family.  You can only claim points for that species once.

Extra points will be awarded for more unusual species…but be honest!

No photoshop golden eagles on your bird feeders or penguins in your pond!  We can tell!  No pet portraits either!

Use the following key to help:

Common birds (UK top ten RSPB survey 2020) 5 points

house sparrow, starling, blue tit, woodpigeon, blackbird, goldfinch, great tit, robin, long-tailed tit, magpie

all other birds 10 points

minibeasts, pond creatures, butterflies, moths, bees and other insects 5 points

mammals 25 points

amphibians 10 points

The following guides might help!

bees   beetle detective   butterfly detective spotting sheet   caterpillar   country butterfly    crows and other black birds

finch detective   garden bird detective   ladybird detective   minibeasts v2 small   moth spotter   Pond wildlife spotter

shieldbug spotter comp   signsofspring1   snail detective   spider spotter   woodland butterfly