Battle of the Black Country

Battle of the Black Country

…we are still waiting for the final results…but well done everyone who took part!

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It is National Schools Sports Week, June 22nd  – June 26th.  Usually, we are in the middle of sports days at school, and Black Country Games for our sporting teams…obviously this year is different.

We can, however, make our collective mark in competition.  The local areas have come together to host a Battle of the Black Country, and I’m sure we can do our bit for Dudley.

There are 5 simple activities to work at here, with you able to post online your scores.  Points are added to Dudley’s total EVERY time you add your scores…so I’m guessing you can have more than one go?

The tasks are here:

Battle of the Black Country Personal Challenges

For the speed bounce, any obstacle will do…cones, plant pots, teddies or whatever!

When you have counted your score, follow the link below to enter your details:

Scoring form

Please send me a photo for the school website, plus tell me how you got on and I’ll add 10 housepoints on to your weekly total!

Don’t forget to add your house to the email!